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Important Dates


Key Date



27 February 2018 (Tue)

Nominations begin for the Construction Management Awards 2018

29 June 2018
12:00 noon (Fri)

Nomination deadline


3 August 2018 (Fri)

Stage I  Completion of first screening

  • All nominations will be screened by the Award Organising Committee
  • Project will be shortlisted for second screening in form of presentation to Jury Panel

7 September 2018 (Fri)

Stage II  Presentation to Jury Panel
The Excellent Construction Team, including all members, must attend the presentation.

Result Announcement

Mid-September 2018

Finalists announcement

Presentation Ceremony

16 November 2018 (Fri)

HKICM 21st Anniversary Dinner cum Construction Management Awards 2018 Presentation Ceremony
Awards winners will be officially announced at the Presentation Ceremony