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Nomination // Scoring System & Judging Criteria

Scoring System for award categories (1) – (7)

Award Categories


(2) Construction Building Services Coordinator Award


(3) Construction Contract Administrator Award


(4) Construction EHS Administrator Award


(5) Construction Site Agent Award


(6) Construction Supervisor Award


(7) Construction Manager Award


(1) Excellent Construction Team Award


* The scoring of (1) Excellent Construction Team Award is based on the scorings of Award Categories (2) to (7)

Judging Criteria

For award categories (1) – (8), the jury will consider:

  • Project Team Management, Organisation and Integration
    • To describe and demonstrate from the perspective of the team leader and team members, how work of individuals was connected to enable effective communication, the correctness of information and efficient of execution.
    • How the project was materialised and completed, elaborate the challenges faced, how they were handled, and what was learned or gained from the building process?
    • An organisation chart of the team and associated project staff should be included to assist the judges in understanding the management structure of the project.
  • Degree of Project Complexity and Innovations
    • Engineering and technical issues which had to be overcome or managed to ensure successful delivery of the project.
    • Challenges that were faced and resolved during the course of construction.
    • Any innovative methods, procedures, designs, materials for improving quality.
  • Time Management
    • Application of scheduling technique, considerations.
    • Solutions for challenges to avoid hindering the progress of works.
    • Application of technology, methods, innovations that benefitted to the construction time.
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Management
    • Performance of team leader, members on the project’s EHS management.
    • Policies and systems implementation, training and facilities.
    • Construction processes, techniques, building technologies, choice of materials that benefit to EHS.
    • Waste management and recycling, energy efficiency, and built environment sustainability.
    • Greening and carbon emissions reduction. 
  • Contract and Financial Management
    • Main contract and subcontracts administration system.
    • Financial and cost management, control system on variation.
    • Handling of claims and disputes.
    • Operation and maintenance costs.
    • Procurement strategy, arrangement and documentation.

For award category (8), the jury will additionally consider the following criteria:

  • Professionalism
    • Demonstrate professional expertise and knowledge at projects.
  • Outcome and Achievement  
    • Establish outstanding and all-rounded performance and achievement in building and construction profession.
    • Exhibit unique talent and attitude when compared with peers.
    • Demonstrate contribution to the profession and community. 
    • Perform continuous learning and self-development.
  • Teamwork and Leadership 
    • Show effective communication with team mates and coordinate with different team mates to achieve goals
    • Demonstrate leadership trait to manage changes and make decisions to solve problems under rapidly shifting circumstances.